Secure Funding for New Investments

Finance unexpected investment opportunities with fast, short-term loans.

In the fast-moving world of business, great investment opportunities can be here one day and gone the next. When a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity knocks, a short-term loan from Secured Investment Lending can help you be ready to answer with the funding you need.

If you have found an investment property with endless renovation and profitability potential, our loan specialists can help you secure the resources you need to grow your portfolio with a 90-day loan. These short-term loans can not only help you seize new opportunities, they can also help fund additional renovations or business needs, or cover unexpected expenses for businesses, entrepreneurs or individuals.

Contact our team of loan experts today to learn more about 90-day loans for new investments. You can also live chat with one of our lending specialists or start filling out a loan application right from this page to get your approval as fast as possible.

  • Investment Real Estate Secured Lending Only
  • 12% Interest Only Payments for first 90 days, rate adjusts to 15% on the 91st day
  • 2 Points or $2000.00 will be charged at closing, whichever is greater, 2 additional points (or $2000 whichever is greater) will be charged added to the payoff if the loan exceeds the 90th day
  • Max 65% LTV of the ARV (After Repaired Value)
  • Interest only payments; 0% pre-payment penalty
  • Max 90% of Purchase and Rehab costs, minimum down 10% of Purchase and Rehab Costs
  • Renovation money is escrowed for every loan to ensure success for all parties involved