• Investment property only
  • 12.99% Interest Only Payments for 60 months
  • Interest only payments; 12 month pre-payment penalty
  • Taxes and Insurance escrowed with monthly interest only payments
  • 6 Months reserves for all investment properties owned
  • Maximum 65% LTV of AS/IS appraised value
  • Property must be rent ready with no repairs needed

Loan Disclosure

Our minimum time to re-pay is 1 day, we do not have a pre-payment penalty, or ghost fees. Max terms for our loans are either 1,2 or 3 years depending on borrower and property type. Our maximum APR rate is 16.99% (may vary by state). Origination points are between 3-6% depending on the property type and state that the property is located in.

Example: On a 100k loan the interest would typically be $12,990 if the loan is kept for an entire year. If the loan is paid off before the 1 year term the owed interest is $1,082.50 per month. Origination points would be 3% of the 100k loan amount for a total of $3,000. The total annual fees and interest would be $15,990.