Trey Aulls (NMLS #: 398266)

CEO: Executive Director

Ernest C Aulls III is CEO of Secured Investment Lending Corporation (SILC). SILC is a Federally-licensed mortgage lender with a servicing endorsement. Mr. Aulls brings to SILC more than 15 years of residential real estate experience and more than 12 years of residential financing experience along with his conservative property evaluation principles. Ernest was licensed by the state of Florida in real estate sales in 1999 and as a real estate broker in 2001. In 2001 Mr. Aulls became President of Realnet of Southeast Florida. His role was to expand the company footprint for the corporate parent RealnetUSA into the south Florida. During his tenure, Realnet of Southeast Florida became the flagship office, doing more than 400 real estate investment transactions per year and producing over $3 million in company revenue per year. Simultaneously to opening Realnet of Southeast Florida Mr. Aulls opened and managed the south Florida office for Investors Mortgage Lending which was the private funding source for all investment transactions closed through Realnet of Southeast Florida. Prior to joining RealnetUSA, Ernest was the top performing leasing agent for Tyre & Taylor Commercial Realty in central Florida, and assisted in growing revenues from $200,000 to more than $2 million in two years. Ernest Aulls graduated from the University of Central Florida in 1998.

Nathan Trombetti

CIO: Director of Investments

Nathan Trombetti is the Chief Investment Officer of Secured Investment Lending Corporation (SILC). With the assistance of Mr. Trombetti’s conservative lending practices and rigorous underwriting guidelines, SILC has increased its servicing portfolio every year since inception and expanded from a local mortgage lender in central Florida to a state wide lending institution. He has had tremendous success with the negotiation of the purchase of many single family and commercial mortgage notes for SILC. Mr. Trombetti has 14 years of real estate investment and residential real estate financing experience, and has been a licensed real estate broker in Florida since 2000. Prior to co-founding SILC, Mr. Trombetti was a successful land developer in Florida, during which time he established strong relationships with national builders. These relationships continue to bear fruit for SILC. Mr. Trombetti graduated from the University of Central Florida in 1995.

Thomas B. Ball III

Thomas B. Ball III currently holds an elected position on the United Legacy Bank Board of Directors where his duties include, but are not limited to, the special assets committee and loan committee. Tom was elected in 2010 to this position and has had great success helping the bank grow into one of the strongest community banks in Central Florida. Tom is also a commercial real estate broker in Seminole county and considered an expert in commercial real estate and vacant land transactions. Tom currently holds a position as the Chairman of Sanford Orlando Airport Authority. From 1999-2003 Tom was a director of Community National Bank, and from 2003-2007 was a director for United Heritage Bank. He took a position as an Advisory Board member to M&I Bank until 2010. He graduated from Auburn University in 1978.

“Secured Investment Lending is committed to conducting all business transactions in an efficient and ethical manner, while keeping with our principles of Superior Customer Service.”